Office Policies

Office Policies

Appointment Policies:

While undergoing orthodontic treatment, appointments will typically be scheduled every six (6) to eight (8) weeks apart. Most quicker "adjustment" type appointments can be scheduled during the after school hours but there will be several appointments that take longer than thirty (30) minutes that need to be scheduled in the morning.  We understand that this may be incovenient for some patients, but in order for the doctors to provide optimal care, morning appointments are necessary.

The initial bracket placement appointment, as well as any subsequently needed repair appointments, requires extended chair time and doctor involvement. These appointments are assigned only in the morning and/or early afternoon so that we can more effectively serve the needs of all our patients. This office allows for three such occurrences before a repair charge of $25.00 per broken bracket or band is assessed. This fee is commensurable to supplies needed and the chair time expected to make said repairs.

**We kindly request that any changes to appointments or cancellations be made at least 24 hours in advance in order to best accomodate our patients.**

If an appointment is missed, please contact our office in a timely manner to reschedule.

Insurance Policies:

Upon verification of eligibility, our office will file insurance claims and provide appropriate follow up with your insurance company.  It is important to note that orthodontic benefits do not typically pay as a lump sum, they pay in monthly, quarterly and yearly installments.

It is imperative that our office be notified of any changes to or loss of insurance as it will affect your total out of pocket responsibility. Insurance will pay our office directly in most cases, providing the patient is still eligible, active treatment is being rendered and the lifetime maximum orthodontic benefit has not been met.

Financial Policies:

Our office is pleased to work with you regarding financing options for your orthodontic treatment.  We will work with you to establish a payment schedule. In most cases, financing is available for twelve (12) to eighteen (18) months depending upon the length of treatment.  We do expect that payments are made timely on a monthly basis.

Monthly payments are due on the 1st of every month, although we are happy to accept payments during appointments throughout the month. Monthly payments are a convenient way to spread out the cost of orthodontic treatment and is not related to treatment progress and appointments; therefore, payment is still due monthly even if there is no appointment during the month. 

Any outstanding balance due, whether from patient or insurance, is due in full prior to braces being removed. 

There is a fee for lost or broken appliances that varies depending upon the type of appliance.  This fee is to be paid in full before the new appliance is delivered. 

For more information regarding the office policies of Freda & Suriano Orthodontics, please contact our office today by Clicking Here or by calling one of the office phone numbers listed above. 


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